About Us

Bad Fly and its basis
Bad Fly is a multi-player browser game and it is built on javascript technologies. Also Bad Fly uses nodejs and socket.io technologies to provide real-time experience to players. We have only one server in Frankfurt for now but we are working on new servers to prevent lag between servers and players.

Aim in the game
In game your goal is to kill other flies and you can do it with SPACE key by attacking. Attack requires 30% of your full energy and you can obtain energy by eating feeds on the map. We created flash-movement skill to make the game more complex. You can use it with F key. In addition, there is another ability you should know, S key is another attack style which makes enemy slow. You must calculate the true time to attack your enemy for the purpose of to survive after consuming your energy for attack.

Creating process of game
My name is Mete Öncü and I have created this game in 2015. First time that I discover the game namely bombermine, I decided to build such a multi-player browser game. A few months ago before I publish this game, I explored the game namely agar.io and have started to develop a browser game which you can control your character with your mouse. As a result, my gaming adventure has been started.

Thanks to...
In developing process Hürcan Samet Çakır who is a graphic artist and my friend created the logo and mascot, also he advised me in some points. I want to thank him. You can visit his web site from this link.
Beta Version 1.0.1
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